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Christy Garcia

I’m an entrepreneur, wife and a mom of 2 lovely daughters.

I want to encourage busy working entrepreneurs to enjoy and embrace our individual stories through balancing work/life, spiritual growth, all while getting to know God better and in doing our thing God’s way!

Doing Business God’s Way

Doing Business God's Way

When you think about doing business or launching a new business endeavor, you will either sell a product or a service. But beyond the product and service is the most integral part of the business process, and that is the customer base. Doing business will require you to interact with people because they are the blood life of any business. When a child of faith engages in building a business, it means more than being ethical. A child of God must not seek to benefit from others via selfish methods and through devious tactics. Instead, one must strive to treat and see others through the lens of God, which includes having love, mercy, and empathy.

Respectful Engagement

Luke 6:31, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

One must respect and honor others, especially in business, where there is profit to be gained. Doing business God’s way is to be empathic of others and seeking to help and cater to the needs of customers adequately. It is the elimination of dishonesty and fraudulent practices and the implementation of respectful engagements with all people. Living in the faith and walking with the knowledge of the Lord is to include God and prayer in everything you do. You must be aligned with God in order to serve others and treat them as you would want them to treat you. Because in the end, when you do business with others, you position yourself to serve—you are a teacher and a guide. And as a son and daughter of the Most High, you are called to serve others and work as though you were working for the Lord. Mutual respect is the foundation of solid and long-term relationships.

Profit and Purpose

Mark 8:36, “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”

The whole purpose of being in business and working on building a company is to produce a profit that can help sustain long-term livelihood. There are many reasons why people go into business. It could be to create a lifestyle of time freedom, to spend more time with family, or to build wealth. No matter the reason, commitment is necessary when conducting business with kingdom integrity and purpose. Yes, seek to sell your services and products honorably. Seek to produce the kind of profit that can help you sustain you and your family. However, always seek to be a good steward over everything that God places in your hands. Run your business with purpose and use your wealth to sow in the kingdom of God. Never allow greed to take hold of your heart and your actions. The scriptures tell us that nothing good comes from basking in gain at the expense of losing yourself, family, and being outside of God’s covering, among facing other consequences.


One of the downfalls of business owners and entrepreneurs is the lack of management skills, lack of communication skills with personnel, resources, and business operations. When we view a business through the eyes of Christ, we understand that everything was created by God, and He is indeed the owner of everything that is in existence. We are co-owners with God, and as co-owners, we are required to manage everything He gives us with utmost respect, integrity, and loyalty.

We must be loyal, and as a steward, you have a responsibility to uphold good financial habits and distribution of goods that honors all parties involved in business transactions and operations. Part of good stewardship is having the heart of a giver and being selfless with what God has given you. Are you a loyal steward? Do you uphold integrity in your business? Are you leading from a place of kingdom alignment? The choice is entirely yours. You decide who you want to be and how you will pursue all business endeavors. You are given a purpose, creativity, and the means to design the life that you desire, but you decide how to manage everything you are granted—the outcome is up to you.



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